Psychosoziale Beratung, Therapie und Coaching auf Englisch lernen – mit unseren in Deutschland einmaligen Workshops

Communicate with confidence:

English for Counsellors

Welcome to the Online Course:
English Communication Skills for Counsellors

Dear Colleague, Thank you for signing up for this course! 

You have taken an important step. You have decided to take your English to the next level – to learn more about the nuances of the English language and to fill your treasure chest with powerful and beautiful terms and expressions. These terms and expressions will come in handy when you do what you do best – listen to and support your clients as a Counsellor, Therapist, Social Worker and Coach.

Let us begin this exciting journey of discovery! 

I am very much looking forward to supporting you as you progress and grow!

With warm regards

What to expect from this course

The course is divided into 3 modules. Each module offers a range of materials and activities including ...

  • Video contents from counsellors, psychologists and coaches
  • Activities to develop your listening skills in English
  • Glossaries (vocabulary lists)
  • Written exercises
  • Additional resources, including reading materials, video and podcast recommendations, language learning tips and tools for downloading

In modules 2 and 3 you will be able to practise what you have learned  

in a one-on-one coaching session with me. An excellent opportunity to ask your personal language questions, engage and receive taylor-made impulses and feedback.

Read interesting case studies

Listen to expert recordings

Watch videos made by counsellors & coaches

Reflect on thought-provoking questions

Put things into practice

Module 1
The First Counselling Session

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You will learn English terms and phrases to ...

  • start a counselling session
  • invite a client to talk about issues that bother them
  • outline terms and conditions
  • address the question of confidentiality
  • listen empathically and reflect back what the client has shared
  • talk about feelings

Module 2
Tapping into the Client's Resources

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This module covers a range of techniques to activate the client's resources. You will learn terms and phrases to help the client ...

  • draw on their previous experiences and successes
  • become aware of the support available to them
  • develop a positive vision.
  • take the first steps in the right direction.

You will also learn terms and phrases to compliment the client on their achievements and provide positive feedback.  

Module 3
Advanced Techniques in Counselling

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The last module is all about refining those skills that you have acquired during the previous two modules. You will put into practice what you have learned by role-playing counselling situations with your Communication Coach Nadine.

You will also ... 

  • expand your range of expressions and metaphors useful in a counselling context; and
  • learn about some common mistakes German speakers make whilst using the English language. 

Ready to get started? Let's delve right into it!